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 The vans are available in service.Our accessible vans are equipped with wheelchair lift(hydraulic lift) that assist customers in their wheelchair, ensuring that all customers get to their trip and activities safety and comfortable.



#1 By: wongkweechen@gmail.com [IP: 10.77.68.xxx]
Checking if you provide Wheelchair friendly van?
Meaning your van can allow for a girl in wheelchair to go in and be hooked up safely.

Agenda required:
pick up from airport
departure to airport
a trip to safari (but the window should allow her to see from the vehicle or are tourists allowed to come down from vehicle?)

Pls quote
if you have such a vehicle (model type)
price rate. (we do not require guided tour)

Travel dates are 11-17Dec22.

#2 By: Andrew Parfett [IP: 182.232.101.xxx]
Looking at buying a van fitted for wheelchair in Thailand ASAP. Please email Andrew@c3systems.com.au
#3 By: Agarwalhospitals@gmail.com [IP: 175.114.53.xxx]
I am dr sunita rana agarwal on wheelchair flying with husband 2 infants on strollers and a nurse from Seoul to Bangkok on May 25 Thai airways TG657 16:00 pm arriving and need a wheelchair van rental till June 2 departing on THAI AIRWAYS 21:00 pm to Bangalore staying in Bangkok and going shopping and sight seeing would like to rent ur van with driver for our wheelchair for all the 8 days please tell us the availability and costing asap


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